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apr 29, 2016
We have redesigned the website and will change in may. It will be easier to navigate . A part of the old low resolution material will disappear. Some will be uploaded later in higher quality. The Bettie section will be closed. If you want to be sure to have the whole material from the start, better join now!

apr 22, 2016
We are currently producing videos with Adriana. As soon as we have edited the material we will post her first clip. should be early may . Until then , please be patient and enjoy the last drops from Katharina. This time a guy had to do the job. This clip will be posted on monday or tuesday.

apr 3, 2016
It is time to find a new description for Micky's huge milkers.They get bigger and bigger. Cannot imagine how huge they will be when they are full of milk.She made one assistant so hot that he could not longer keep his hands by himself. See the 18:24 min HD clip in the club!

mar 19, 2016
If you wondered why you only saw a small amount of milk in the photoset with the same name, this clip is the reason. We wanted to save the milk for the moving pictures and Hitomi gave her best to get all the white sweet juice out of Kata's milk bags. Thank you, Hitomi and Katharina, for this wonderful performance. See the 24:49 min hd clip in the club!

mar 1, 2016
What is it that makes Luna so special ? I think we really see a big part of herself in her photos and videos. Of course all girls are making a show for the cam but Luna finds a way to enjoy herself as if she could not allow a moment in life without enjoyment.See the 17:46 min hd clip in the club!

feb 14, 2016
Yes, a video with Yviana exists. Unfortunately it is only one. We had the impression that Yviana did not feel very comfortable making a video and prefered photoshoots. When I see this material now, I think we should have done more. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this 8:27 Yviana non-stop selfmilking testvideo. Available now!

jan 31, 2016
Her belly does not indicate at all that Micky is already in her 7th month of pregnancy . Her breasts definitely do. As you can see she has easily outboobed Nadine and this means something. See the new 15:52 min Hd movie in the club !

jan 17, 2016
Steffi prefers female piano students for a good reason. Today she is lucky to teach wonderful japanese girl Hitomi who has not only musical talent but 2 physical talents as well. In this lesson body wins over music. See the new 19:25 min Hd movie in the club !

dec 29, 2015
Quite busy days here in the milkpump repair office and because Katharina is very accurate in her job she double-checks everything. In this case all efforts seem to bring not the requested result and so she has to check if her own milkflow could be the reason. See the 14:30 min Hd movie in the club !

dec 17, 2015
We don't know if it was on purpose that Luna forget her key inside the hotelroom, but what we see is that the Room Maid is more than willing to serve the guest in every possible way. See the 18:30 min Hd movie in the club !

dec 1, 2015
The moment when she turns towards the camera, the doors of home paradise are opening. I cannot imagine a sexier way to clean a kitchen table than in Hitomi style. And when she continues her cleaning session in the shower cabine, I am sure millions out there will touch their screens. See the 17:27 min Hd movie in the club !

nov 28, 2015
Big thanks to Hitomi who is posting our link on twitter very often. Please don't be irritated. Some photos she is posting are from sets not yet available here, but there is a new girl/girl photoset and video with Steffi and Hitomi coming in december.
Don't forget to visit Hitomi's Instagram page

nov 18, 2015
Simply incredible how Micky is shaking her swollen boobsflesh through the room during her pregnancy workouts. I am sure a lot of you guys and girls would like to assist her. See the 13:27 min Hd movie in the club !

oct 29, 2015
Luna Amor meets Katharina with breasts full of milk. Luna was totally into the milk sucking and drinking. We asked her to let the milk run out of her mouth but she liked this sweet juice so much that she drank most of it. See the 24:18 min Hd movie in the club !

oct 13, 2015
IMPORTANT! For maintenance reason, our server will be switched off for a few hours tonight, between 0:00 and 4 a.m. CET. We apologize for inconvenience.

oct 8, 2015
This is Marie's last clip with Milk, so we are very glad that Hitomi cared about sucking the last drops out of her. For Hitomi it was the first Milk sucking video she ever did. For us it looks like she is totally into it.See the new 18:30 min HD clip in the club !

sep 27, 2015
When I edited this clip I had to laugh, because I remembered Issy telling me that I must watch the takes very carefully, and I should cut all scenes out where her ass does not look big enough ( Whatever big enough means to her). She is such a funny girl. See the 14:38 min hd clip in the club!

sep 11, 2015
These 2 cute girls are really into each other. So nice soft kissing and breast touching and sucking. We are so happy to have Luna and Erolina here on Nadine Jansen's site.. See the 23:08 min hd clip in the club!

aug 31, 2015
And here is our new fantastic pregnancy surprise : Casey Deluxe! She is in her 4th month of pregnancy now and we will show her new photos later in september. Her breasts are already huge. Can only imagine how they look in the next few months.

aug 27, 2015
People with a weak heart should not watch the new Hitomi homesport clip. She is just tooo sexy here. It is available for download now. See the 19:03 min hd clip in the club!

aug 15, 2015
Here is another previously unpublished video clip of Emma. It is the very first video material we ever shoot with her. We just followed her into the bathroom and let her do what she wanted to do. Well not really, we asked for some milk and requested a few special poses. Please excuse rough editing. The camera just did not know what she would do the next moment.. See the 11:11 min hd clip in the club!

jul 30, 2015
Casey seems to have misunderstood the concept of the current exhibition in the Erotic Art Gallery. Casey!, this time it is not an interactive show and the japanese girl is just another visitor and not part of the exhibition. See the 18:59 min hd clip in the club!

jul 12, 2015
Postgirl Kata did not expect that a drunken partyslut would open the door. And for our lesbian partygirl Arena this big boobed post came right on time to sex up the boring party. See the 11:02 min hd clip in the club!

jun 25, 2015
In a previous clip sexy Issy already showed us what a fantastic dancer she is. We wanted to see this again and asked her for a special dominican merengue dance. See the 9:24 min hd clip in the club!

jun 10, 2015
Marie loves to spray her never ending milkfountains through the kitchen. What a mess! Where does all the milk come from ? She must be filled with the sweet white juice from head to toes. See the 11:49 min hd clip in the club!

may 25, 2015
When 2 selfie-addicted girls come together, and these 2 girls are Hitomi Tanaka and Nadine Jansen, a planned photoshoot can easily become a sideshow. So let's watch their sexy selfie performance and let the crew wait! See the 19:12 min hd clip in the club!

may 6, 2015
Arena was really out of control when she did this girl/girl video with her best friend Samantha. We were actually thinking about showing it in slow motion because it looked like both girls were on extasy. See the 14:31 min HD clip in the club!

apr 19, 2015
Finally Micky is being manhandled in front of the camera for the first time. And she is enjoying it very much. See 16:53 min Hd-clip in the club!

apr 15, 2015
Steffi & Kata in action. 16:25 min of full lactation power only available in the club!

apr 6, 2015
We found this video 2012 footage of Emma just recently and decided that it is worth to show it. Maybe we missed some action in this scene which was the reason not to release it before, but she is just so adorable and playfull here. See the 15:00 min HD-Clip in the club!

mar 31, 2015
Für kurzentschlossene big busty models bieten wir hier eine Woche shoots in der Karibik an. Es geht diesmal allerdings eher in den Dschungel und in die Berge, ist also nix für softe Beachbunnies. Suche Models die was aushalten können .Termin ist 15.4.-21.4. Keine Sorge, wir schlafen nicht in Zelten. Schickt eure Foto Bewerbungen ziemlich bald an

Big busty models who want to make shoots in the caribbean jungle should send their photo application very soon to the email address below. Date: april 15th to april 21st.

mar 20, 2015
This march is a milky month. After you have seen Katharina in her first lactation video, Marie is doing the next step and let the man doing the milky job. Well, somebody's gotta do it. See the 12:11 minute HD clip in the club!

mar 5, 2015
The milkers are big and they are full of tasty white nectar. See the 15:49 minute HD clip of Katarinas first lactation scenes in the club!

feb 23, 2015
Micky and Casey are preparing the set for the next photoshoot. The sound of the vacuum cleaner inspires Casey to spice up the work a little bit. See the 12:32 minute HD clip in the club!

feb 2, 2015
Marie and Steffi, one of my favourite couples when it comes to sensitive lactation performance. No more description neccessary. Just watch! See the 15:58 minute HD clip in the club!

jan 21, 2015
In winter, Lina often gets dry skin. So she decided to do something against it by testing her new skin care shower foam. And as she figured out, it makes her skin very smooth. See the 12:49 minute HD clip in the club!

jan 6, 2015
We have added another 10 photos to the Hitomi photoset Rokoko. It has now 82 photos. Better download the complete set again because the new pics changed the whole order. The new Nadine photoset will follow next week!

jan 2, 2015
Katharina will give birth to her baby this month, january 2015. We produced this clip earlier last year when she was in her 5th month. We have decided to show this clip now before we present her first lactation material in february, even though she has been featured recently on so many other sites. See the 13:39 minute HD clip in the club!

dec 15, 2014
Mia recommends Melkfett against dry skin and told Marie that it is also the ultimate lotion for stimulating milkproduction. Please, girls, show us if this is really true. See the 14:05 minute HD clip in the club!

dec 2, 2014
We received a lot of support and encouraging emails in the last few months after we had annonced the closing of this website in may. We are happy to announce that we will continue this website and currently working on a new design and better navigation.

nov 24, 2014
Lina deserves the price for the sweetest smile 2014. We had only dark days in Kiev during the latest shoots but she brought all the sunshine into the room. She is such a great tease.. See the 14:53minute HD clip in the club!

nov 4, 2014
Under the pretext of feeling some pain in her breasts, Katharina manages to get in closer contact to the lovely big busty nurse Hitomi. After receiving her requested breast massage Katharina is ready to get her hands and mouth on those huge Hitomi momimomis. See the 25-minute HD clip in the club!

oct 13, 2014
Marie's fans might have seen her first milk video on Milena Velba's site already. It looks like Milena's sucking power had a big influence on Marie's milk flow. This clip was shot directly after Milena pur her hands and mouth on Marie. Unlike Pam who stopped breastfeeding after her first clip you will see more milky movies with Marie soon. See the 9:09 min HD clip in the club!

sep 27, 2014
We asked our new model Becky what kind of video she would like to do for us and without hesitiation she picked the Shione massage clip. O.K., Becky, lay down and relax! See the 14:04 min HD clip in the club!

sep 7, 2014
Just one more pregnancy related video and then we make a break with this subject.Katarina is in her 4th month of pregnancy now,and she knows that her body requires a special intensive care. See the 15:19 min HD clip in the club!

aug 20, 2014
A good warm-up exercise lives up to its name especially when you can watch the girl who is doing it. The spectator just has to make sure not to overheat when the girl is Casey doing it topless. See the 9:02 min HD clip in the club!

jul 31, 2014
Marie is now in her last month of pregancy and is totally happy to see that her belly doesn't show any signs of stretchmarks. Everything is a question of right treatment. See the new 16:57 min HD clip in the club!

jul 15, 2014
Hard working Nika needs a suitable cooling. Quite convenient when you have a waiting assistant with a big water soaker. Wet shirt! Wet shirt!.See the 11:02 min HD clip in the club!

jun 21, 2014
Here is Pams first attempt to milk that white warm sweet juice out of her luscious soft jumbo feeders. She is still trying to figure out how to use that milk pump and needs more time to find the right hand technics.See the 9:38 min HD clip in the club!

may 25, 2014
Emma is another fan of the Milkpump bustier. Very convenient when girls can pump milk and do work-out at the same time. And Emma finally got her puffy nipples back. See the 9:50 min HD clip in the club!

may 10, 2014
As you might know, Steffi stopped breastfeeding some time ago but for you she is trying to get some more drops with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Let us hope that these thick creamy drops taste like vanilla or banana milk shake. See the 10:45 min HD clip in the club!

apr 22, 2014
After a long day of hard work I can recommend the lapdance service of Casey Deluxe. Touching costs extra but the soft feel is worth the hard money.. See the 9:12 min HD clip in the club!

apr 12th, 2014
Marie has a big surprise for us. She is pregnant! Look how big her boobs are already in the 4th month. See more photos soon!

apr 10, 2014
I didn't intend to bring this clip online. Lighting was difficult because Valory was in the shadow and the sun hit the ocean and the camera movement is quite rough. I just recently watched this material again and Valory is simply too beautiful here to keep this in the shelf. See the 10:27 min HD clip in the club!

mar 27, 2014
Nurse Emma has developed her own special therapy to help stroke patients getting back full mobility faster than with common methods. See the 11:06 min HD clip in the club!

mar 15, 2014
Being pregnant in her 8th month doesn't mean that Pam is just lying around and cannot move anymore. She is quite sporty and has her daily work out program. And for future milk production she has her special breast massage technique. See the 10:06 min HD clip in the club!

mar 1, 2014
We asked Romi if she would shoot with Steffi again because this would be Steffi's last lactation scene. Of course she was happy to come and you can see that Romi realized ,these were Steffi's last drops. See the 11:06 min HD clip in the club!

feb 18, 2014
IMPORTANT NEWS! For family reasons Nadine is currently not in the position to make photoshoots. Unfortunately we cannot show you new Nadine material until april.

feb 14, 2014
Somebody told me recently that a model in a bathtub is one of the most boring ideas for a video. I cannot confirm this. I like the innocent and cute character of this kind of scene. Enjoy Casey in the bathtub in a new 11:06 min HD clip in the club!

feb 12th, 2014
Für unsere nächste Fotoreise in die Karibik suchen wir neue Big Busty Models for Topless Aufnahmen. Termin steht noch nicht genau fest. Vermutlich Mitte März. Seht Euch mal an . Schickt eure Foto Bewerbungen ziemlich bald an die dortige email adresse oder an

feb 3, 2014
Every day, before Nika goes out for a meeting , Maid Katarina is cleaning her clothes with a lint roller. Whatever was in the coffee this morning, this action goes out of control. Another great 'Kata-Show'. See the 13:55 min HD clip in the club!

jan 25, 2014
Here is the matching clip to Emma Sinclaire's 'addicitve' photoset. She really goes to the limit with her amount of milk here and she never looked sexier. See the 13:57 min HD clip in the club!

jan 12, 2014
We wanted Lina's first girl/girl clip to be a little bit more soft and romantic than the photoset with her in a black mask and thought the bathtub is a good way to start. She was a little bit shy but now she wants to do more g/g movies and photos in the future.See the 17:15 min HD clip in the club!

dec 26, 2013
Romi had ordered a Latte Mia and is now surprised that waitress Steffi is just bringing a cup of black coffee. Steffi explains that the milk is served fresh at the table. "Please take as much as you want." See the new 12:37 min HD clip in the club.

dec 5, 2013
We don't know where Nurse Marie learned her job, but in Emma's case we cannot imagine a better approach to patient care. Sometimes, the job of a nurse can be so satisfying.. See the 12:48 min hd video in the club.

nov 15, 2013
When you go to an italian restaurant next time and you want to order a pizza, you better imagine that this culinary delight is made in the same way like luscious Valory Irene is demonstrating here . See her 11:23 min hd video in the club.

oct 31, 2013
New model Casey has those lovely dropshape pendulous boobs that makes the connaisseur crazy because you can actually see how these yummy juggs feel in your hand. What a perfect pair for a downblouse home cleaning movie. See the 12:10 min HD-clip in the club!

oct 17, 2013
With a little delay to the photoset, we are happy to show you the 'Emma in Dirndl'-clip. She is so funny and playful. Skinny Marinky do...we love you! See the 09:12 min HD-clip in the club!

sep 29, 2013
Nurse Kata takes care about Steffie's lactation problems. Seems that the milk does not come out easily and who else than nurse Kata knows better what to do in this emergency situation. See the 12:16 min HD-clip in the club!

sep 16, 2013
And now Ladies and Gentlemen, the Burlesque showgirl of the week. Welcome with big applause our fantastic Valory Irene!! See the 9:19 min HD-clip in the club!

aug 31, 2013
The Bar has already closed, the music is over but Emma and Mia simply won't go home. Mia's beer is empty and Emma's breasts are full of milk....... See the 10:23 min HD-clip in the club!

aug 16th, 2013
This was the hottest day this summer here in Postdam. 38 degrees celsius. We asked Micky what we should do in this heat. She replied: Something with cold water. See the 9:36 min HD-clip in the club!

jul 27th, 2013
Always impressed by Marie, how she can switch between different characters without problem. What a great Hot Rod pinup go-go dancer she is.Let them fly, baby let them fly! See the 7:16 min HD-clip in the club!

jul 10th, 2013
Sorry, but this guy got somehow out of control when we asked him to give Lina a sunoil breastmassage. We asked him several times to do it slower but he was simply too excited. The result is that we have to show parts of this clip in slow-motion. Hope you can enjoy it anyway. See the 14:56 min HD-clip in the club!

jun 23rd, 2013
A busy young mom like Emma Sinclaire is happy when she can relax a few minutes. Mia is helping Emma with a full body massage. But before the oil gets on the breasts, Mia wants to taste Emma's milk.. See the 9:15 min HD-clip in the club!

jun 13th, 2013
She is such a star. Even a standard window cleaning action is becoming a high class erotic performance when Valory Irene is doing it.... See the 9:42 min clip in HD in the club!

may 26th, 2013
Steffi is visiting Marie in her atelier, marveling at Marie's newest paining. Marie is still not satisfied, realizing that something essential is missing, something organic.... See the 14:20 min clip in HD in the club!

may 11th, 2013
Imagine you make vacation on seychelles (which means already paradise)and you stay next to that house and one morning the balcony doors of that house are opening and Lina invites you to come in her room. All ingredients for a perfect day. download the 12 minutes HD clip now!

apr 27th, 2013
Everything must come to an end . Vendy called us recently and told us about her decision to stop breastfeeding. Of course we had to to another photoset and clip before the streams dry up. See the 12 minutes HD clip of Vendy's last milking performance in the club!

apr 23rd, 2013
Nadine is currently very busy in her new job. Therefore we cannot post her new set before early may. Thank you very much for your patience.

apr 16th, 2013
I am happy to have another great actress amoung my models: Emma Sinclaire. She was so realistic in her performance as the submissive girl that I was not sure if I could post this material. Be assured Emma did not suffer. Let the girls play! The new HD clip is ready for download in the club.

apr 4th, 2013
Donâ€t know what you guys think. In my opinion our new discovery Lina is one of the most amazing new models in 2013 so far. See her first HD clip in the members area. Stay tuned, you will see more of her here on nadineâ€s site soon.

mar 14th, 2013
if there is something like an oscar for the category â€Best big busty internet perfomanceâ€, Katharina is without a doubt one of the top favourites. See her new 14 minutes HD clip †Office cleaning†in the club.

mar 7th, 2013
After Emma had her problems with her milkpump (on Milena Velbaâ€s site) she organized a more powerfull equipment. She has to be carefull that this pumpmonster doesnâ€t suck her in completely .Milking power: ON! See 8 minutes in HD in the club.

feb 28th, 2013
Here is an idea for all the companies which have problem with high rate of sickness absence of their employees: Just hire Marie! See the 7 min HD clip in the club.

feb 22nd, 2013
Oh my god, look at this! Poor Shione ,still under anesthetic, is being groped by a pervert guy of the surgery crew. Who knows how often this kind of thing happens in hospitals every day. See the 7 minute HD clip in the club.

feb 13th, 2013
Willkommen, Bienvenu, Welcome... to Lolas Burlesque Tassel Dance Show. Her performance looks so professional. Unbelievable that she had never done this before. Some girls just have it in the blood. See 7:45 minutes in HD in the club.

jan 30th, 2013
Sunny meets Katharina. This means yummy yummy full breasts meet yummy yummy full breasts. If you haven't touched thingies like this before, you have missed something important. See 12:45 minutes in HD in the club.

jan 26th, 2013
Here you have already the 2nd clip of Emma and Marie. We wanted to post this clip in december together with the matching photoset, but the 1st kiss clip really showed the first kiss and we wanted to be historically correct.

jan 16th, 2013
A new Vendy clip is out today : Milky Shower.
See the 09:43 min HD clip in the club!

jan 10th, 2013
She is quite busy in her Steffi AG company but the milkpump bustier gives Steffi the freedom to do her office work while pumping...... We think she looks extremely sexy with it and of course even more without.
See the 13:44 min HD clip in the club!

jan 3rd, 2013
Emma and Marie are getting ready for the party. The situation very soon indicates that they both are longing for a deep kiss, but the following kiss gets out of control..
See the 14:46 min HD clip in the club!

dec 20th, 2012
A hard working girl like nika needs a good back massage and, well, something else.... . See the new HD clip in the membersection!

nov 30th, 2012
This months you really got an Emma photo- and video overdose. First as country girl on Milena Velbaâ€s site, then the cutie in the pink cosplay coat and now you will see her in full glory in the shower with an extra load of milk.

oct 26th, 2012
Another meeting of supermilky Vendy and milkthursty Mia.The perfect couple. Mia is sucking milk from Vendy without a break but the Vendyâ€s milkflow will simply not stop.

oct 10th, 2012
I love the funny deformation of the female breast when it tries to disappear in the nozzle of a hungry vacuum cleaner. Valory Irene has just the perfect shaped ,slightly hanging fruits which, when sucked in and being shaked makes this wonderful movement for which a word has yet to be found. If it just wouldnâ€t be so noisy.

sep 18th, 2012
At the moment you should avoid buying a membership for this site if you don't like lactating models because Vendy is back with a full load of sweet white juice. Maybe it is time to open another special site for the milky girls ?

sep 6th, 2012
Emma Sinclaire is just unbelievable. In her new HD clip she is surprising us with neverending milk streams and rhythmic milk squirting while singing 'jingle bells'!! By the way, we did not make this clip last christmas as her song might suggest. And beside her funny milk performances one thing is clear: she is one of the most beautiful girls on this planet.

aug 21st, 2012
After you have seen these enormous never ending milk fountains of Emma and Vendy we asked you kindly to lower your expectations concerning the quantity of Milk an average lactating model like Steffi can produce. Nevertheless she looks sooo sexy with her melancholic eyes when she is surrenders herself to male hands. See 12:45 minutes in HD.

aug 15th, 2012
Welcome to Valory Ireneâ€s private Work-out room. Well, with this perfect figure there should be no reason to go to the gym very often but as you might know, girls are never satisfied with their body. There is always something to improve.See the 11 min HD clip in the club!

jul 24th, 2012
We bought this 'customized' milking maching some time ago but until today all girls said that this monster milker is simply too strong. What a surprise to see how playfull our cute little tiny Marie handled this powerfull Nipple Sucker.See the HD clip in the members section!

jul 17th, 2012
Isn't she cute?! Vendy looks brilliant in her brown-green dirndl. See her non-stop milk spraying action in HD , this time in bavarian style. The upcoming trend in the oktoberfest tent?

june 22nd, 2012
Thank you very much for all the kind email with your wishes for Nadine's fast recovery. She is in best health again. Her june photoset will be available next week.

jun 16th, 2012
Steffi is back with a new load of milk. Seems like this time the milk production is on a higher level than before.Enjoy her new HD clip in the club. New girl/girl clips with Steffi are in preparation.

may 17th, 2012
Sorry for letting you wait so long for nadine's may photoset. There is bad news. She is currently in the hospital and it might still take some more days until she can go home and make new shoots. Thank you very much for your patience.

may 8th, 2012
This 'dough kneading' -clip was actually produced for Milena Velbaâ€s website but since Nadine has a big part in it, it would not be fair for Nadineâ€s fans to send them to another site to watch it. See this as a bonus clip for may 2012. 2 more clips will follow this month.

apr 24th, 2012
Emma and Anna have finished breakfast and clean the table. For Anna it seems to be the right moment to get closer to Emma and she decides that today is the day to have a taste of Emmaâ€s milk. The clip is nearly 20 minutes so, so we upload it in 2 parts See part 1 of the clip today. Part 2 will follow on april 25th.

apr 12th, 2012
Can you imagine these scenes were filmed right after the â€milking Vendy†clip ? I thought she must have been empty after that session but she continued spraying her milk around the bathroom for another 10 minutes.

mar 29th, 2012
Gorgeous cute face, fantastic figure, sporty like a kangaroo. Marie has it all and lets her boobies fly for you. Can you believe that this cutie has problems to find the right boyfriend ? Maybe with an IQ of 160 she is simply to clever.

mar 11th, 2012
We are happy to introduce fantastic Emma Sinclaire and her magical Milk show. How can this sweet young adorable girl produce these unbelievable neverending milk fountains ? She must be filled with this warm white juice from head to toes. Isnâ€t she cute!!!? See the HD clip in the membersarea!

feb 29th, 2012
Wow!! Vendy has gained some weight in the right places and is still producing lots of milk. Here are 2 helping hands to press the white sweet juice out of these giant bazongas. They were more than willing to ruin the clothes and carpet.. See the HD clip in the membersarea!

nov 18th, 2011
Sorry folks, facebook closed my account telling me that I am not authentic !!!! At least there is some good aspect in it. It is a proof that they don't know everything. I will not try to open another facebook account again. And here are some good news: the new Shione and Kata clip will be uploaded tonight.

sep 25th, 2011
We have decided to show some of the best Tanya Song girl/girl clips from her site also here in Nadine's movie section.We start with today Tanya and Marie in one of their best sensual moments.

aug 19th, 2011
Ever wanted to be a window? See Katharina in a new HD clip!

jul 10th, 2011
It's Milking Time! Mia hasn't seen Vendy for a while and is eagerly awaiting news from the young mother. Especially the breastfeeding aspect is grabbing Mia's attention. See the 10 min HD clip in the members section!

apr 6th, 2011
With a little delay we have uploaded the long awaited Angela & Vendy clip and of course we also did a clip with Nadine and Micky.

mar 30th, 2011
We came back from Dominican Republic last week with a pile of photosets and clips of Issy aka Dominican Poison. We start today with the HD clip of Issy in the pool.

feb 4th, 2011
For our caribbean phototour in march we are still searching busty models who want to come with us! New faces and amateurs welcome. Please send photos and informations very soon to

jan 15th, 2011
We have uploaded the 'On Stage' HD-clip with Angela and Sunny today. By the way, did you know that Angela White has become a politician in Australia? She is a candidate for the Australian Sexparty for the seat of Richmond.

dec 14th, 2010
Steffi told us that in her early state of lactating there is not much milk to expect and it might not be enough for a movieclip. But Sunny could not wait any longer and we were quite happy with the result. See the HD clip in the members area! Steffi promised to come back with MORE!

nov 19th, 2010
Hotelmanager Katharina is angry about roommate Vendy who is late with her work. She calms down after Vendy's is telling her that she is pregnant in her 7th month and cannot work faster. And Katharina has a good heart..... Enjoy the mega hot 14:30 min HD clip in the member's area.

nov 15th, 2010
I forgot to tell you that the october photoset with Romi comes along with a HD clip. Hope you excuse the pregnancy focused clips, because we will show you another girl/girl clip with Katharina and Vendy in her 6th month later this week.

oct 22nd, 2010
I saw the gymnasticball movie on Milena's website and of course this is something I have to try. It is a perfect way to get in better shape. See the HD clip in the member's area.

oct 9th, 2010
Every performance of Marie on this site is a highlight but with the new vaccum cleaner clip she tops herself. This cutie is so hot!

oct 5th, 2010
I know, you have seen me in the bathtub before several times but we never did it in HD quality. So, my first october clip takes place in the bathtub.

oct 3rd, 2010
We never felt comfortable with the name Westy and found out she feels the same. We have decided to use her real name. Westy is Vendy! And there is big news from her pregnancy. Her upper measurements just exceeded the 43 inch mark. This means 110cm !

sep 17th, 2010
We have moved the complete material from the Miosotis website into the members area of nadine's site in the next few days.

sep 12th, 2010
Just uploaded a new clip of Mia with her special wellness massage for Vendy in her early pregnancy stage. This is not only good to avoid stretchmarks on belly and breasts but also relaxation in the truest sense of the word.

aug 27th, 2010
For those who love to watch 2 beautiful girls touching and kissing each other in a soft and tender erotic way, the upcoming Shione and Marie clip could be something for you. In the new Nadine clip you will see her running and jumping around in the rain in slow motion.

aug 25th, 2010
Here is a new pregnancy surprise! Vendy is 4th months pregnant now and as you can see she gained some weight in the right places. We will keep you informed about her developments. I think it is time for some detailed measurements.

apr 19th, 2010
After the last announcement we received lots of emails asking us to care more about nadine than about the models! So, before we waste too much time for material which might be better somewhere else we have decided to start a complete new website dedicated to nadine's models. We are currently producing the photosets and clips for this project. For those who were waiting for a guestmodel clip, we show you SHIONE on the Massagetable. And of course you get Nadine's Making Pizza clip.

mar 24th, 2010
NEW CLIP SECTION!!. We will open a new guestmodel clipsection in april . We are starting already this month with a hot Shione/Katarina clip from the Block2 photoset and Terry Nova let her juggies fly and jump around in a slow motion Squash clip!

feb 24th, 2010
Milena Velba is our special guest this month in the clipsection. See the Milena/Nadine clip on feb 26th, and for all Marie fans : the 28th has a very special solo clip for you: Marie in Ropes!

dec 10th, 2009
For our photovacation 2010 we are searching for big busty models who want to come with us! New faces and amateurs welcome. We don't know exactly where we travel. In the past we went to Seychelles, Gozo and Dominican Republic. Also the date is not fixed yet. DEUTSCH: Für unsere Fototour 2010 suchen wir noch großbusige Models for stilvolle topless aufnahmen. Neulinge sind willkommen. Bild-Bewerbungen bitte an

dec 8th, 2009
BIG CHRISTMAS PRESENT !! Members will get 4 new clips this month.

nov 1st, 2009
Our staff needs a time out!. Office is closed here until november 8th. Next update will be on november 9th.

oct 1st, 2009
Club news!!!!I thought I give you a short notice about the quantity of material which has accumulated over the recent years on my site. We currently have about 20000 pics (about 7000 Nadine photos and 13000 guestmodel photos)and 160 clips in the membersarea . This does not include the Bettie Ballhaus pic section which has also over 5000 pics. I know it is not only quantity what measures, but since I only show the last 3 sets on the photopages and no clip info, I thought this information could be helpfull.

jul 24th, 2009
As you might have noticed on, we had planned to transfer the whole content of her site to mine, since she had plans for another career. On the other hand, more and more members write me that they want more photos and clips of me instead of 3 guestmodels. So we are thinking that Tanya should continue her site with models who do more explicit hot Girl/Girl action and I keep my site more in the soft style as usual. Decision has not been made yet.

dec 27th, 2008
NADINE LIVE WEBCAM SHOW!! On monday december 29th members can see me live on webcam . Here is the German Time schedule:
1st Show at 6:00 PM, 2nd Show at 10:00 PM, 3rd Show 1:00 AM (dec 30th). Here you can convert the time schedule:TIME AND DATE.

dec 8th, 2008
New Year-new website-new name !! Are you ready for a big change?? Anna Song is not Anna Song anymore. Anna is TANYA. She is opening her own site in 2009 and found out that her name has been misused by others to promote their own cheap stuff. She decided spontaneously to use her real Name TANYA from now on. So her website will be She is planning to open it in january and will add a webcam chat to her membersarea. Oh my god, I have seen some hot sensual solo and girl/girl stuff already. This will be something different!!

dec 4th, 2008
Thank you so much for your wonderful birthday emails and letters. I ask again for your patience. 2 days ago I had a stupid accident at home and now I can barely walk. I hope I can make the december photos within the next 5 days. Until then enjoy new photos of Chrissi who is my first december model.

feb 20th, 2008
Still receive emails asking when Miosotis site will be online. You can find the link on her bio page! Or simply click here:

jan 29th, 2008
Another big surprise from the babyboom front. Lovely Dana Benn is pregnant and we are happy to show her again in gorgeous shape in february.

dec 14th, 2007
Our next caribic photo tour in feb-march 2008 is in preparation. We always look for new models. Please check this small selection of our modelpics and send us an email with your photos(topless or in bikini) if you would like to model for us

nov 25th, 2007
We have already announced that Miosotis will soon open her own website. The start was scheduled for december but we think it is better to start a new website in the beginning of a new year. Thanks for your patience

oct 21st, 2007
Sorry for not writing any news here since july. Being a MUM is quite a busy job. Anyway I found a few hours yesterday to visit the Venus Erotic fair 2007 in Berlin together with Milena and Miosotis.It was big fun, especially to see the reaction for Miosotis. We are thinking about having our own booth again next year.

july 4th, 2007
GOOD NEWS and BAD NEWS! Unexpected complications are responsible for a 1-week delay on the new Nadine photoset. Don't worry. It is nothing serious. Hope you enjoy the pics with Nadine and Alexa until then. The good news: We change the big size pics from 1024 to 1600 pixel starting in july.

june 19th, 2007
Nadine is back with her first HDV milkpump clip later this weekend. A cute Anna Song clip will follow next week.

june 5th, 2007
Nadine is a mother now. It happened 6 weeks too early so we were a bit surprised and could not do the clips last months. During the 'drop' photoset model Mirjam really sucked the first milk from Nadine but it was not planned. Emotionally overwhelmed Nadine could not do the clip and so last month we excuse the missing nadine clip and the lack of weekly pics. One day after the shoot Nadine gave birth to her baby. Mother and baby are fine. Nadine will be back with new photos very soon.

mar 3rd, 2007
Und schon wieder eine Modelsuche. Für ein neues DVD Projekt suchen wir noch großbusige Models zwischen 18 und 35 jahren, die sich gern vor der Kamera zeigen würden, aber aus bestimmten Gründen ihre Anonymität wahren wollen. Gesicht wird nicht gezeigt. Anonymität 100% garantiert!! Auch Models mit ungewöhnlichen Brüsten ( z.B. sehr spitz, große Nippel, usw.) dürfen sich angesprochen fühlen. Alles was für ein 'Breast-Special' interessant sein könnte bitte melden (mit foto) bei

jan 8th, 2007
We will raise the monthly membership fee from 13$ to 18$ in the next few days. Higher taxes and the cheap $ forced us to do so. The good news is that you will get HDV clips in the future and the quantity of clips will rise. IMPORTANT!! Members who joined for 13$ will of course remain on this price level so if you are thinking about becoming a member, don't waste too much time.!!

dec 17th, 2006
Eilige Modelsuche !! Wir sind im februar schon wieder in der Karibik und suchen dafür noch neue Models ab Cup-größe E. Bitte bis spätestens Ende Dezember Bewerbungsemail mit aussagekräftigen Bildern schicken an: Ich selbst war gerade in Cuba (Da geht unsere Fotoreise nicht hin). Hat mir leider nicht so gefallen. Das Wetter war allerdings auch nicht so besonders.
For our next caribic phototrip in february, we are looking for new big busty models. Cup size should be at least E-size. Just came back from Cuba. Did not like it that much, but that's maybe because of the weather.

nov 6th, 2006
There is a moment where one cannot hide big news any longer. See what I mean? Well this surely has consequences for the members area.

aug 13th, 2006
I had a wonderful time in the caribic where I met my new breathtaking model Miosotis. I already got a lot of emails asking for her biopage and more photos and clips. Just want to tell you that we have made lots of photosets and clips with her and her biopage will come soon.

jul 5th, 2006
Too bad that my german Fussball boys did not make it into the final match but during the last 3 weeks I have had really big big fun at the Fanmeile in the center of Berlin. Und ich werde mich immer daran erinnern wie toll ihr gespielt habt und nicht wer 2006 Weltmeister geworden ist.

apr 30th, 2006
Modelsearch for tropical shoot!We are planning a new photo and video trip to a tropical destination in autumn. We are thinking about Tahiti, Maledives or again Seychelles. For this trip we are looking for new big busty models. We don't do hardcore shoots. Just topless would be O.K. Please send your photos to
Für eine weitere Reise im kommenden Herbst in paradiesische Gefilde (Tahiti, Malediven oder Seychellen)suchen wir noch großbusige Models. Amateure und absolute Neuanfänger sind ebenso willkommen wie Models mit Erfahrung. Kein Hardcore, Top-Honorare! Aussagekräftige Bewerbungsfotos bitte an

apr 11th, 2006
I have no more interesting bra's left in my cupboard. You have ordered too much. Please give me more time for bra and panty orders. But here is something special: I am selling my bra and panty from the PROVENCE set. You will get the complete outfit together with garterbelt and stockings for 290 Euro. I will add a signed photo of your choice from the PROVENCE SET. If you want to have .......april 13th: SET IS SOLD!!!!

feb 1st, 2006
This sounds like very big news!! Bettie Ballhaus was calling us last weekend and we were talking about new shoots. It looks like Bettie will be one of my models in february. Could this be her comeback?

dec 8th, 2005
As you might have noticed, Milena Velba also has a new bra-photoset in december entiteled 'Brapics with Nadine'. Just want to tell you that this set does not contain the same images as my set 'Brapics with Milena'. These are 2 different sets.

oct 29th, 2005
Lovely Dana was waiting at my door after I came home from the 'Herbstausflug' shoot. What else could we do but involve her in another shoot. I think it was the most convenient shoot I ever had: Just lying on the sofa, eating pizza and watching TV. See the whole set in my club!

oct 15th, 2005
Daisy news!!!!The amazing Daisy van Heyden surprised us with a new haircolour. What do you think ?

aug 24th, 2005
Special bonus present!!I have uploaded the first part of a small set with Joana as a bonus set for august today.

aug 11th, 2005
My shop is ready again for worldwide orders. Now we are accepting a wide range of creditcards with a system called CLICK AND BUY from FIRSTGATE.

aug 3rd, 2005
Also ob Ihr's glaubt oder nicht, wir suchen immer noch fähige Leute in Berlin, die meine website etwas umgestalten können. Außerdem sind eventuell noch 2 neue Projekte in Planung. Selbst Annemarie überlegt, ob sie sich auch eine eigene Site leisten sollte. Überredet sie mal unter

july 25th, 2005
This month I have added another bonus photoshoot for members: 'Wetshirt at the beach'. The first part has been uploaded today. The 2nd part will be added in early august. By the way, it looks like august will be a month of a big surprise.

jun 15th, 2005
Oh, hi, yes we are back from the Seychelles. Looks like I have to tell my 'non members' a little bit more. The Seychelles trip was a fantastic experience and the islands and beaches are by far the most beautiful ones I have ever seen in reality. We did a lot of photos with Milena, Dana Benn and Joana. Only one problem: During the first takes for our new dvd a big wave hit the our DV-cam and we could not make enough material for my new dvd. Well, it looks like we have to go back as soon as possible.
Have received a lot of emails asking if my june model Jana is identical with a girl called Maria S. or Princessa. Yes, it is the same girl. Jana is her real name.

apr 22nd, 2005
We are leaving for the Seychelles today. My 3rd guestmodel in april will be Joana or Dana Benn. We wanted to bring you this set directly from paradise but heard that we have no good Internet connection from there and so there might be a delay in the next 2 weeks with the model pics and mine. We try our best.

feb 22nd, 2005
Die nächste Reise steht an. Im Mai geht es vermutlich auf die Seychellen. Mit an Bord ist auf jeden Fall Milena Velba. Und ich habe überhaupt nichts dagegen wenn sich noch ein neues Model (grosskaliber)findet, um 14 Tage im absoluten Paradies mit uns Fotos zu schießen. Und folgendes bedenken: Man bereut immer mehr was man im Leben nicht getan hat als das , was man getan hat.
Short translation to come to the point: Looking for new Big Busty models for a photo and movie tour to the Seychelles in may!

feb 8th, 2005
I will give away 2 of the hottest sexy dresses in my cabinet. Time for a new auction! Here are the 2 wonderful dresses I was wearing for POKERLADY and FLUTE.2 of my favourite sets. The grey asian style Bamboo dress and the red and white summerdress. Go directly to the auction

jan 2nd, 2005
A happy new year for all of you out there. The flood desaster is moving everybody here and all the tragedy made me cry a lot of tears.A few serious questions in german. Maybe someone can give me answers: All die traurigen Bilder von der Flutkatastrophe lassen ein paar Fragen in mir aufkommen: Ich sehe immer weinende Frauen im Fernsehen, die um Nahrung und Wasser bitten.Dann wird erzählt dass es keine Möglichkeiten gibt in diese Gegenden zu kommen. Wie aber, ist denn der Reporter und der Kameramann dahingekommen. Warum kann man da Kameras hinschleppen aber kein Essen?!! Außerdem frage ich mich warum man keine Luftkissenboote oder diese Dinger die in den Everglades rumsausen einsetzt um Nahrung und Hilfe zu transportieren. Sorry für diese ernsten Fragen an dieser Stelle, aber das macht mich alles fertig und ich würde am liebsten selbst hinfliegen um zu helfen.

dec 9th, 2004
Vielen, vielen Dank für all die netten Geburtstagsemails und Briefe. Da hat sich Eure Nadine einen extra Mops gefreut.
Thank you very much for all your wonderful birthday emails and letters. Whoever can translate the other sentence is welcome.

oct 22nd, 2004
We have a birthday angel on the Venus fair today. JOANA!!And yes, Chloe Vevrier is coming to our booth today! Halle 18, Stand 18.

oct 19th, 2004
Hier also die vorläufige Endauflistung der Models, die auf unserem Venus Stand vertreten sein werden. MILENA VELBA, CHRISSI, SUNNY WAGNER, LISA, JOANA und als große Überraschung hat sich CHLOE VEVRIER angemeldet. Ach ja, Icke bin ooch da.
Above is the final Model line-up for the VENUS fair. Chloe Vevrier announced her coming ( cannot guarantee 100%). Halle 18, Stand 18.

sept 3rd, 2004
Big Mega Super Event is waiting for you. After 3 years of absence you can see me again this year on the VENUS EROTIC FAIR in Berlin, from oct 21st-24th. As far as I know we are in hall 18 and on our booth you can also meet gorgeous MILENA VELBA. Furthermore we have invited CHRISSI, LISA, SUNNY , EDEN and Dana but our space is limited. Another big busty superstar from the US might appear on our booth. As soon as I have more details, I will let you know.

july 10th, 2004
Hartz IV kann kommen. Wir stellen ein: Kreatives, technisch versiertes Personal Bewerben!

june 11th, 2004
Thank you so much for your emails with requests for MORE NADINE instead of 3 guestmodels. I will talk to Daktari about this. Nevertheless we have uploaded a new Chrissi clip today .

may 28th, 2004
The 3rd model this month is a big surprise for all of us. Bettie decided to make another shooting for her old website. Well, you know that when she left us, her solo clubacount was closed. Therefore we are announcing this new photset ( shot on may 27th!)on my may modelpage . We don't know anything about her future plans.

may 3rd, 2004
A big excuse for the delay of the release of VACATION. Here it is : My new DVD. Another excuse for the technical problems in the last 3 weeks. We change the host this week. Hope the transfer will be smooth.

apr 22nd, 2004
The Milena Velba website is online .

mar 26th, 2004
Another nice piece wants to leave my wardrobe. Today I have started a new auction. This time I offer my pink-blue striped sweater. I wore it for a photoshoot last year in january.

mar 13th, 2004
Just bought a small trampolin today for the upcoming clip on tuesday. Maybe 'small' is nor the right word, because I had my problems to get it in the car.I think it will look quite funny when my nadinies are jumping around.

mar 8th, 2004
It was time to make an update in the shop, right? Added 3 new photos today!. Finally received the 'Vacation' master for dvd. I think there is a good chance to have the DVD ready for sale within the next 2 weeks.

feb 28th, 2004
Just uploaded a clip with my first attempt to get milk out of another girls breast. Of course it is Milena Velba who taught me how to get the milk. See the 4 minutes clip in the club!

feb 12th, 2004
We are currently working on the models bio pages. Until then please check the infos about Daisy and Milena on bettie's site. For march we are planning to bring you Annemarie, Lisa and Milena.

feb 6th, 2004
Did you read the sad news on Bettie's website? She will retire from modeling for at the end of february. We are all shocked about her decision and very sad, especially me, because she helped me becoming model and together we conquered europe, the USA and Japan. From march you will find the complete Bettie photo archiv including all guestmodels on my website. More big changes are coming in march. My website will offer 3 guestmodels monthly. This means that the 13$ club will continue with 4 models including myself. I hope we can get our Bettie back as soon as possible!!

jan 28th, 2004
Due to heavy virus mail attacks we are unable to handle any mail requests. In case of cancelrequests please contact the billing companies directly to avoid unwanted rebills. Thanks for your patience. Hope the problem will be fixed in the next few days.

jan 15th, 2004
Just started my new modelsection with big newcomer MILENA VELBA

dec 22nd, 2003
Geschafft!. Die BOOBHOUSE 2 dvd ist ab heute im Webshop erhältlich. Die Post bietet ab Januar leider keine Nachnahme mehr per Brief. So mussten wir diese Option leider löschen.

dec 22nd, 2003
We made it. BOOBHOUSE 2 dvd has been added to the shop today. It is the first DVD in PAL and NTSC versions.

dec 4th, 2003
Beware of Nadine when she is drunken in a japanese restaurant. Your chopsticks will end in her nose. What a crazy birthday this was! Thanks for your lovely birthday greetings.

nov 14th, 2003
You should check Bettie's diary . A new breathtaking discovery MILENA can be seen there. She has cup size 95 I and a 122cm bustline.Uff!! See Milena and me in my Pic of the week on monday nov 17th.

nov 10th, 2003
We are currently editing 2 new dvds, Boobhouse 2 and my new dvd 'Vacation'. I hope to have them ready around the end of this month.

oct 13th, 2003
We are far away from our office between oct 14th and oct 28th. Don't worry, you will see the pic and clip updates but shop orders have to wait until oct 29th. Sorry, thanks for your patience.

sept 17th, 2003
Wir suchen noch Busenmodels für unsere Foto und Video Reise vom 14. bis 28.10. in die Mittelmeerregion. Amateure sind willkommen. Solo-Shoot und Aufnahmen mit Nadine und Dana stehen auf dem Programm. 4 Tage Arbeit und der Rest ist Urlaub. Bewerbungen per email so schnell wie möglich an

sept 17th, 2003
We are looking for a big busty model who wants to join our photo trip in the 3rd and 4th october week to a mediteranian island. Newcomers are welcome. We pay, flight, accomodation and a good modelfee. Only 4 days work and one week holidays. Send your emails quickly to

aug 21st, 2003
My second auction has just started. It is a very special item: THE KNIGHTS HALL COSTUME. You find the auction on the german ebay pages here. The white top is actually a white pantyhose weared upside doen. So you see my arms in the pantyhose's legs.The feet had been cut off. If you have additional questions, feel free to send an email.

aug 12th, 2003
BETTIE AND NADINE DVD is ready to order later this day.

july 27th, 2003
BETTIE AND NADINE DVD will be released coming week. The shop information was wrong!!

july 24th, 2003
Pure Panic!! I was trapped in an elevator for 10 minutes yesterday! 10 minutes can be like 10 hours!This pic in the same elevator was shot one week before. Otherwise my face would look different.

july 19th, 2003
Had a photoshoot with german photographer ANDRE RIVAL for his new Artbook project. I am not allowed to tell more.

june 21st, 2003
Bin etwas überrascht über das hohe Gebot bei ebay für das Frotteekleid. Ich muss darauf hinweisen, dass die Gebote rechtlich bindend sind.

june 16th, 2003
Today I start my first auction. The beginner is the sexy tight striped terrycloth dress. You find the auction on the german ebay pages here. If you have questions, feel free to send an email.

june 16th, 2003
Heute beginnt die Auktion für mein gestreiftes Frotteekleid. Zum Kleid gibt's natürlich auch ein Autogrammfoto. Die Auktion findet ihr bei ebay hier

june 12th, 2003
The release of the DVD 'A DAY with NADINE is delayed. It should be ready next week.

june 8th, 2003
Habe gehört, dass ich kürzlich in der Sendung BLITZ auf SAT 1 etwas negativ dargestellt wurde. Hat das jemand gesehen? Ich würde nämlich gerne wieder was für's Fernsehen machen, allerdings muss da schon der Inhalt stimmen.

may 9th, 2003
I am back from my US tour with Bettie. Some idiot stole my digicam so I only have a few photos from San Fancisco and Las Vegas to show you in the next few days.

Apr 25th, 2003
Die BBB-show wird leider nicht stattfinden. Wir haben zuwenig Anmeldungen bekommen. Jetzt bin ich aber boese.Wartet nur wenn ich wieder aus den Staaten zurück bin.

Apr 9th, 2003
Just arrived in L.A. with Bettie. We have one day off and then 10 days of work for Danni.

Apr 1st, 2003
The DVD 'Nadine Jansen Deluxe' is now available.US and Japan customers please check if your player is suitable for PAL DVDs.

Mar 31st, 2003
Preparing my next big trip, Bettie and me are coming to L.A. on april 9th. We will work for Danni Ashe and then traveling around the westcoast again. Sorry folks, no US-diary this time. We need a break! Holiday!!

Mar 27th, 2003
Anders als in japan haben wir hier leider Probleme unsere 40 Leute für die Busen, Bier und Braten show zusammen zu bekommen. Sollten wir in den nächsten 14 Tagen nicht genug Interessenten bekommen, müssen wir die Show leider absagen.

Mar 27th, 2003
Unlike in Japan we have some problems to get the 40 people together for the Boobs, Beer and Barbecue show on may 17th. Looks like we have to cancel the show.

Mar 17th, 2003
Time to leave Japan! Hope to come back next year.

Mar 15th, 2003
After my Fuji TV appearance, everyone in the streets seems to recognize me. Signed tons of autographs for japanese teenie girls. A fantastic feeling. I am a star in Japan!

Mar 14th, 2003
Did some videowork for tokyotopless together with a japanese model Megumi Asaoka. You can find her pics in Bettie's club.

Mar 9th, 2003
Big fanshooting in Tokyo. Our friends of tokyotoplessorganzied a fanshooting for me and Bettie and within 5 days we had 70 people together. WOW!

Feb 26, 2003
The shoot for Fuji TV is finished. The show will be on air in Japan on march 13th, 8 pm

Feb 23, 2003
Departure day! Today me and Bettie are travelling to tokyo for a TV-show appearance, video and photo shoot.

Feb 14, 2003
The Boobhouse DVD is now available in my shop. Check the DVD release date of the other titles there.

Feb 13, 2003
Die Busen, Bier und Braten-Show details findet Ihr auf Bettie's website: BBB-Festprogramm.

Feb 08, 2003
New bust size is 120cm!! Tits are growing. During a photoshoot with Chrissi ( see Bettie's site on tuesday) we did a measuring pose and I was surprised to see a 120cm on the tape. Have to change my stats on the intro page again.

Feb 07, 2003
I have an invitation from Fuji TV in Tokyo. Dear japanese fans!! I will come to Tokyo on Feb 24th and stay 3 weeks to learn as much as possible about your country and culture. Please mail me your ideas about what I should see in Tokyo. What about a big fanshooting overthere?!

Feb 05, 2003
Habe überraschend ein Einladung vom japanischen Fernsehen bekommen. Daher schieben wir unsere BBB-Party in den Mai. Der genaue Termin ist Samstag der 17. Mai. Genaues zum Ablauf folgt bis zum Wochenende.

Jan 13, 2003
ENDLICH: LIVE EVENT!! BUSEN, BIER und BRATEN. Ein Super-Busenspektakel ist in Planung. Anfang März in Berlin: Live Strip Show, Table Dance, Fan-Fotoshooting, Großes Fressgelage , Tombola und mehr. Mit Nadine Jansen, Bettie Ballhaus, Dana Benn, Leo und und und....Weitere konkrete Infos demnächst.

Jan 13, 2003
LIVE EVENT!! BUSEN, BIER und BRATEN. We are planning a big Live event in may in Berlin: Live Strip Show, Table Dance, Fan-Photoshooting, Big Banquet,Tombola and more. Models: Nadine Jansen, Bettie Ballhaus, Dana Benn, Leo and more....More detailed infos soon in this diary.

Jan 4,2003
Bettie and me are planning a new US-tour to the southwest again in april and may.

Jan 1,2003
Happy New Year to all my wonderful fans in the world. A special gift is waiting for all members who are joining this year and stay 12 month: A FREE NADINE JANSEN CLUB VIDEO!! Members in the BETTIE/NADINE club can choose between a Bettie Ballhaus-or Nadine Jansen tape.

Dec 21
Please check the shop pages. You find the new BOOBHOUSE 1 video there. Though this is not a 'pure' Nadine video, it might interest you. The DVD will arrive around the end of january.

Dec 5
Thank you so much for your birthday emails and letters. Could answer them yet. Lying down with influenza for 10 days now.

Oct 21
I currently have a huge amount of Bra orders coming in every week. Please give me more time to find and wear those pieces, and expect a waiting time of about 6-8 weeks. Sorry, I do my best!

October 05
I am sorry to tell you, that I will not visit the VENUS EROTIC FAIR in Berlin this year. I will be far away under the caribean sun, but I heard that Bettie Ballhaus will be there, signing autographs, her new calendar and making a report for german TV. But in 2003 you will surely see me at this fair.

October 05
I am sorry to tell you, that I will not visit the VENUS EROTIC FAIR in Berlin this year. I will be far away under the caribean sun, but I heard that Bettie Ballhaus will be there, signing autographs, her new calendar and making a report for german TV. But in 2003 you will surely see me at this fair.

Sept 04
30 minutes north from Berlin there is a small strange openair aircraft museum:
Luftfahrt-museum-finowfurt. Last week I did a few snapshots there. See the whole set in my club!

August 28
O.K. we made it. Online check option is now available to join the club.
Geschafft! Jetzt kann man den Memberbereich auch per Bankeinzug erreichen. Hoffe das klappt jetzt auch alles. Viel Spass!

August 20
NEW PAYMENT OPTIONS!! Around the end of this week we offer more payment options for clubmembers with our new billing partner 2000charge.

August 19
Sorry for being silent such a long time. I am currently changing my home. This has nothing to do with the flood. The water is about 80 kilometers away. I am safe.

August 2
We received complains about the low speed of our server. We changed the server today. Might cause a few problems in the first 24 hours.

July 15
A new german law forces the billing partner of our webshop to stop the creditcard service for Internet business. This means that we (together with 1000s of german internet companies )cannot accept creditcard orders after july 31, 2002. We are trying to find a new solution as soon as possible. Creditcard orders until july 31, will be proceeded as usual.

July 28
My new shop will be supported by PAYPAL. Hope to have it ready on wednesday.

July 15
A new german law forces the billing partner of our webshop to stop the creditcard service for Internet business. This means that we (together with 1000s of german internet companies )cannot accept creditcard orders after july 31, 2002. We are trying to find a new solution as soon as possible. Creditcard orders until july 31, will be proceeded as usual.

July 3
IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Somebody is using my name in various chatrooms or at least pretends to be me. I don't have anything to do with that. You won't find me chatting in the net. Sorry!

June 29
My new video is waiting for your order in my shop.
By the way, during the measuring scene for this video I found out that my bust size is now 116cm / 46 inches.I will change that on my intro page.

June 19
Wow, today we had unreal high temperatures here. The only place to stay cool was the pool. We did the last sequence for my new video there. See more pics from the pool and from my new video in the club next week. The new video is on sale also next week. Check the shop then!

June 10
Got a lot of worried emails concerning my painful look in the shibaru set. Here is the proof that I enjoyed the shooting. It was fun. I am fine. Thanks for all your cute mails.

May 25
Here is a photo from the fitness scene of my new video. Don't panic! It was not enough to loose weight.

May 16
Had a nice weekend on the german island of Sylt where we filmed a scene with Dana Benn and crazy topless dance sequences for my upcoming video.

May 10
Der neue TV Beitrag wird schon heute auf SAT1 in BLITZ gesendet.19 Uhr. See the new TV report on SAT 1 channel in BLITZ today!

May 9
We are during the production of my new video tape. Hope to have it ready around the end of may.

May 8
Achtung! Bin morgen wieder fürs Fernsehen im Cabrio unterwegs. Platz machen! The next TV production is in the making. More details next week.

May 2
Now we have a 99 percent promise that the convertible topless test will be shown today on TV. Wir haben eine 99prozentige Zusage von Sat1 Blitz, dass der Oben-Ohne-Cabrio-Test heute gesendet wird. Na mal sehn!

Apr 24
Sorry, wir hatten die Info, dass der Cabrio Beitrag am 23ten oder 24ten laufen sollte. Lief aber nicht. Jetzt wissen wir auch nicht weiter. Sorry, it seems that SAT 1 changed the date of my convertible topless test.

Apr 22
See Nadine Jansen in a topless convertible test in german TV on april 23rd or 24th, 7pm german time, in BLITZ on channel SAT1 !! Ich bin wahrscheinlich morgen oder übermorgen bei SAT 1, in der Sendung BLITZ zu sehen im NADINE JANSEN CABRIO TEST.

Apr 19
Thought my hair could need a fresh new color. What do you think about this redbrown and my new top? See a small set of snapshots with this top (and without)around Berlin's Alexanderplatz tomorrow in the member's area!

Apr 07
See Bettie and me tonight in WAHRE LIEBE on the german VOX channel. We were on a shopping tour in Berlin and the WL-people found it important enough to send a camera team. On this tour I bought a new corset, but it is still not the right one. It even makes me look bigger. I know I owe you a corset photo series. You will get it in may.

Mar 21
german message: Für mein nächstes Video suchen wir noch ein schönes Fitness studio und ein spitzenmäßiges Hotel mit gigantischem Wellness-bereich. Es gibt auf Wunsch natürlich dann auch einen kostenlosen Link von hier aus.

Mar 09
To those who ordered a panty or bra I have to say sorry for delays. Got to many orders!! Waiting time up to 6 weeks is possible.

Feb 21
Es sieht so aus als würde RTL morgen einen Beitrag über mich bei EXPLOSIV um 19 Uhr ausstrahlen. Wenn nicht dann kommt der in den nächsten Tagen.
Tomorrow, feb 22nd, you have a good chance to see me on RTL TV channel around 7pm in the EXPLOSIV program.

Feb 13
I was asked to offer more personal items in my shop. Anybody interested in this historic blue jeans? You can see this one in my very first photoset (summer 2000) on Bettie's website. This is a real personal piece.

Feb 06
The next TV report is in the making. More details in the next few days.

Jan 24
Here is a link to the WAHRE LIEBE TV progamm of today with Nadine pics and infos.

Jan 18
Der angekündigte TV Bericht wird bei Wahre Liebe auf VOX am 24.1. um 23.00 gesendet. Ich selbst bin dort Studiogast. See the Nadine TV report on thursday, january 24 at 11pm on the german channel VOX. The program is called 'WAHRE LIEBE'. I will be guest in the studio.

Jan 14
Der letztens gedrehte TV Bericht wird vermutlich am Donnerstag, den 24.1. abends ausgestrahlt. Genaues weiß ich Freitag. The Nadine TV report is supposed to be shown on thursday , jan 24th. More details on friday!

Jan 05
Not easy to work 10 hours with a TV team. Here are 7 snapshots from this experience: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 More details about the tv show soon.

Jan 03
Happy New Year for everybody!! Exciting news, at least for me: A TV team is coming tomorrow to make a Nadine Jansen report for german TV. Hope I can bring you 'behind the scene'-shots. See new photos in my club next week!!

Dec 26
Could not get this black corset tight enough by myself. Need help!

Dec 20
Being very busy with shopping for christmas these days. Bought myself a black corsage today. I have to show you this piece in the next few days.

Dec 12
Nadine im TV!! Ich bin morgen, am Donnerstag den 13.12. mit Bettie Ballhaus bei Wahre Liebe auf VOX zu Gast. Wir bestreiten ein 'Sexpertenquiz', bei dem der Gewinn diesmal der Aids-Stiftung zu Gute kommt.

Dec 10
Oh my god, we had such big traffic in the first few hours that the whole server collapsed yesterday and might be still quite slow. Please be patient.

Dec 09
I am finally online with my own website. Please excuse problems which might occur in the first few days. Please inform my crew at, if you have technical questions or complains.
Right next to this personal diary you find the clubmessage board with all the updates in the member's area.

Dec 09 Hallo Ihr lieben deutschen Fans. Einige Seiten werden demnächst auch in deutsch erschein, z.B. Intro, Bio und einige Einträge in diesem Tagebuch. Zusätzlich wird es bald möglich sein, den Zugang zum Clubbereich per Lastschrift zu erreichen. Habt bitte Geduld!